Sunday: Longish Run

Time: 11.40am
Route: Paisley loop
Run Distance: 10.77miles
Time Run: 1hr 22mins 28secs (average pace – 7.40)

I was speaking at the 10am service at Cathcart this morning so I was home by 11.30am. Ten minutes later I was changed and out the door for a steady 10plus miles. It rained the whole way but hey what’s a bit of rain when you’re having fun.

Half way round I glanced at my watch and saw the average pace was 7.43 so pushed the second half aiming to get the average nearer 7.40 which I managed to do.

It was the Glasgow 10k and Half Marathon this morning so I’m looking forward to hearing how friends got on. I ran it last year when my foot was sore and didn’t really enjoy it and was off running for 6 weeks after it so not the best of memories!

I’ve been doing a bit thinking about the Hardmoors and in particular how to find my way. The instructions which I received recently stated that we can use a gps so I’ve started looking into how I could programme the route into my garmin 205 and use it to navigate the route.

First of all I googled Cleveland Way gps and found ‘The Long Distance Walkers’ web site which has a gps of the route to download for members. I contacted the secretary by email to ask whether the file would work with my garmin 205. The guy rang me an hour or so later and said he’d send me the file and if it was useful I could pay the £13 joining fee.

The file arrived but I couldn’t download it to my garmin. So back on google looking for converting a gps file to a crs file which Gamin Training Centre needs. I found a forum which answered the query and downloaded the tool.

The tool worked a dream and then I was able to download the Cleveland Way route onto my garmin. Now I need to work out how to use route facility on my garmin! On my run today I tried to use the course facility but all it did was give me the distance to go. So I’ll need to look into that a bit more. I’m sure it must be able to show a compass and direction.

When I sort that out I will need to see if I can edit the route as the Hardmoors Race doesn’t follow the Cleveland Way exactly. Here is the route from the gps file I received ….

But after about 6miles the official route does an out and back to White House but the hardmoors cuts across (yellow arrow).

So I need to work out whether I can edit the route otherwise it won’t really work! Also I’m planning on using 3 garmins as the battery won’t last 28plus hours! So I would need to split the route into thirds.

Memory Map will do it I’m told but I don’t want to pay £127 if it doesn’t work and/or I don’t really need it. Peter Duggan has it and said he’d help so we’ll see. Thanks Peter.

It also gave me the elevation of the route ….

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