Preview of Adventure Show

Last night I rode over to Falkirk on my motor bike to watch with lots of whw friends the footage that will be shown on the Adventure Show of this year’s whw race. The producers did this as a tribute to Dario.

We met at the Behind the Wall Pub in Falkirk which was a great venue with an upstairs room that we used. It was great to catch up with friends especially finding out more from those like Davie who had recently completed the UTMB.

At 7.30pm we moved into the main room. I took a few photos of the crowd who gathered. The room was packed by the time the film started.

Adrian Stott introduced Margaret, the producer of the Adenture Show. Margaret explained that the footage we would see is not quite the finished article with various voice overs and sound quality to be finished off. In the show there would be three sections with other things in between but we would see the whw bits.

I thought the programme was superb and by the reaction of those who were there last night everyone else agreed. At the end Adrian commented that the whw race has a real family feel and the film captured that really well.

The film centres on the first 3 runners in the men’s race and Sharon who won the Ladies race. There was a real battle between Scott, Jan-Albert and Richie right to the very end with all three running incredible times. It was great see that on the film as obviously I didn’t see it on the day!

There was a good reaction every time Jan-Albert spoke as he mentioned several times there are no hills in Holland, his grandmother is from Scotland and which was do I go!

Richie also got a good reaction to his comments of ‘I’m feeling okay’, ‘just need to keep going’ etc. I thought Scott was very gracious when he won and thanked Richie for his help. That too received a warm applause.

Sharon was featured a lot and as usual she was her cheerful self and very positive about the whole experience. I think though, she will be taking a lot of stick from her friends when the show is broadcast.

Throughout the show there were interviews with various folk including Jon S, Pauline and Fiona, George R, Chris M amongst others. It gave a real sense of what the race is about. There was also footage of runners on the route and quick interviews on the run.

There will be a tribute to Dario at the end of the film which they didn’t show last night.

I saw myself three possibly four times! The first one I was sitting at registration looking focused on the task ahead!! The second one at Kingshouse drinking milk and the third at the end as they filmed Sharon coming in. I gave her a hug which was on the film!

The fourth is my feet! They showed the feet of a runner a few times on the link bits and I’m sure it was my black socks and innov-8’s. Even if it wasn’t me I’m claiming it. Neal was chuffed that he got a speaking part. He said ‘I’m tired and I want to go home’ or words to that effect!

Mary said that she is hoping that the show will be broadcast at 7pm on Sunday 4th October on BBC 2 Scotland but that is to be confirmed.

After the film was over I spent an hour or so with Murdo and Jo going over the Hardmoors route. Murdo ran the race last year with Jo supporting and I was keen to find out as much as I could about the route and good places to meet support. Neal & Caroline also stayed and we found it really helpful. Thanks Murdo and Jo!

I’m meeting Neal & Caroline tonight to go over the logistics. Neal reckons 50% of my support team is superb and 50% doesn’t know what they are doing. I’m just glad Caroline is coming!!

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2 Responses to Preview of Adventure Show

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm standing by my DNS for your 'guess my time' competition! You might have Caroline, but you'll also have me, and our not so trusty car 😉


  2. runforit says:

    Thanks John for doing a great job of capturing the evening. We are looking forward to seeing the final product – perhaps on the BBC website??
    Have a great run this weekend, looking forward to reading your race report.


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