Competition entries and final thoughts …

The Hardmoors is now just over 24hrs away! I’m off to Asda in a few minutes to buy my supplies for the race and then all I need to do is to pack all the gear I need, get a good night’s sleep and head down to Helmsley with Neal & Caroline tomorrow.

As promised here is a list of the guesses for my competition including mine! Click on the picture to see the full list.

Initially I was going to work on a sub 28hr plan and a sub 30hr plan but over the past week or so I’ve decided to aim high and so my guess for my time is 25hrs 59mins 50secs.

I really don’t know whether I’m capable of running this fast but I’m keen to try. If I can’t then I’ll have to readjust and it could be I’ll be very happy just to finish whatever the time. I really don’t want Katrina to win the prize with a dnf!!!!

So here is my schedule for the race.

I’m going to try and stick to the sub 26hrs for as long as possible and see how it goes. As I’ve never run the route before it is based a bit on a rough estimate. I’ve read a few reports from last year and tried to piece together a basic schedule but it could be way off. I’ll find out soon enough.
Up until a few weeks ago I was thinking that I would treat this race as a recce for next year but there are a few reasons why I’ve decided to go for it …

1. I always like to do my very best in a race
I don’t race that often so like to give it everything when I do. If I’m not going to give it 100% then I’d rather not pay the entry fee and do a training run.

2. I feel in good shape
My training all year has been good and I’ve been able to build on the whw race. My 60mile training run 4 weeks ago was a real encouragement and has given me the push to go for it.

3. Support
I really appreciate Neal & Caroline giving up a weekend to help me and want to make it worthwhile for them as well! Plus it’s expensive with entry, travel, etc so I’m keen to get my money’s worth!!

This might all go horribly wrong but it will make interesting reading! So my plan is to stick to the sub 26hr schedule for as long as possible and see if I can keep it going right to Filey.

Remember you can follow my progress on this blog. If you want to encourage me along the way leave a comment or text me on 07905 218162.

Finally all the best to everyone who is running. Hopefully by Sunday I’ll have made lots of new ultra running friends.

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9 Responses to Competition entries and final thoughts …

  1. hi john
    just to wish you good speed

    and look forward to hearing how it all went

    safe running

  2. Brian Mc says:

    Good luck with it John, and remember to enjoy yourself too. The scenery should be very nice indeed. Just watch out for the man from Essex.

  3. Good luck, John. Run hard mate.

  4. Davie says:

    Have a good run, but most importantly – enjoy it!

  5. Thomas says:

    Good luck John, ralax and enjoy the race!


  6. Grellan says:

    All the best John.

  7. Happy Days says:

    Give it Yahoo John, have a good one.



  8. Stephen Jones says:

    All the best John.
    I'm loving the stretch time target – go for it!

    When you get to the tough bit, and you're legs feel like they just wont go on, just think – WWJD? What Would Jez Do?

  9. Thomas says:

    All the best, John!

    I do follow the blogs of quite a few ultra runners in the states and they generally race often to keep in shape; basically they tend to train for ultra races by running ultra races.

    It's similar to what you've been doing this year. It might just work!

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