Hardmoors 110 Race Video

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6 Responses to Hardmoors 110 Race Video

  1. Brian Mc says:

    I may suffer from images of your smiling teeth in nightmares from now on. 😉

    Great race performance, and well done on maintaining a smile even when lost in Scarborough!

  2. Thomas says:

    Yes, you never stopped smiling. A fascinating documentary. Well done again!

  3. Flip says:

    great vid. 31 hours was my target before things went 'off plan'! excellent going and great website and blog.

  4. Happy Days says:

    Great Vid , well done.

  5. Truly amazing achievement!
    You can be really proud of what you did, FANTASTIC!!!

  6. xtine says:

    Smiling the whole way! Well done again, and quite apt music choices!


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