Hardmoors splits and where I was lost

I have been thinking a lot about last weekend and I will be reflecting back on what I learnt next week but I’ve been piecing together my splits and thought I’d post that for anyone who likes these sorts of things (and there are others besides me!!)

I forgot to stop my watch at the check point at Roseberry Topping. It was excitement of being in the presence of such a super star as Jez Bragg! Also I used three different garmins and an ordinary stop watch so it may not be as accurate as normal. Plus I stopped the watches at Scarborough thinking I’d stopped so have had to guess how long I waited but I reckon it’s fairly accurate.

You can see my pace slowing down throughout the race which isn’t surprising.

I’ve also been looking at where we went wrong in Scarborough. We should have stayed on the path closest to the sea but the map we had showed the path higher up so that’s why we wandered up there.

When Jon came over and took us to the right place we realised we weren’t that far away. If we had trusted ourselves we’d have been fine but I was relunctant to go on not knowing if it was the right way!
Thanks to everyone who has been visiting this blog over the past week. I reached a peak of 270 on Monday when presumably folk wanted to read how I got on. I’m don’t knowhow many of the 270 actually got to the end of the report!!

I’ve not ran this week but I feel I could do. My legs have recovered surprinsingly quickly but I set myself a 2 week break and I’m going to keep to it. That still gives me 8 weeks to build up to the final leg of my 2009 challenge.

Finally just a reminder that the Adventure Show is on this Sunday …. 7pm on BBC 2 Scotland (and Sky viewers in England can get it to). The West Highland Way Race is the main feature and if you watch closely you can see me at least 3 times!!
Neal & Caroline are coming over for a thank you meal and we will then watch it together.
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3 Responses to Hardmoors splits and where I was lost

  1. Davie says:

    Word of warning, John. i visited an osteopath yesterday to try and get all my problems fixed. He said that the two weeks of inactivity, due to my blisters after the WHWR had contributed to the muscles seizing. I would suggest at least some swimming to keep the muscles working, rather than total rest…..


  2. Anonymous says:

    “Interesting” (aka nightmare) route you took, John! And hardly any distance at all from the correct route (when viewed by Googleearth).

    Question: Is navigating one's way round Scarborough more of a nightmare for the runners, or for the guys in the support vehicle?


  3. I think I saw your feet a few times on the preview evening?

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