Tuesday: Easy Run

Time: 12.35pm
Route: Loop from Lourdes PS
Run Distance: 5.07miles
Time Run: 42mins 50secs (average pace – 8.28)

This week is half term in Glasgow so the school where I am based is closed for the week. I’m running a holiday programme in the mornings in one of my schools which is going well. For the afternoon I’m based with one of my colleagues at Lourdes PS and as it is a fairly new build they have showers.

Another quote from ‘Born to Run’ said that the majority of runners tend to run their slow (recovery) runs too quick and their tempo runs too slow!

Well today I wasn’t in danger of running my recovery run too quick as my legs felt heavy and sore from last night’s fartlek session. I did well to get round the 5 miles still moving. I was hanging in there near the end but got it done and hopefully my legs will be feeling better by tomorrow night’s club tempo run. Otherwise I will be in danger of running my tempo run too slow.

I’ve decided to run in the Renfrewshire Cross Country Relay on Sunday afternoon at Pollok Park. Plus I’ve already planned to do the Pollok Park 5k on Saturday so that will give me a couple of races over the weekend which will be fun.

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