Saturday: 5k Park Run

Time: 9.30am
Route: Pollok Park Run Race
Distance: 5k
Time Run: 19mins 39secs (average pace 6.25 per mile, 3.56 per km)

I only had one and half hours of swimming lessons today and as I wasn’t starting until 11am I was able to do the Park Run this morning. Katrina was keen to have another as well so we turned up together.

We almost missed the start! We arrived in plenty of time but Katrina needed a comfort break and by the tme we’d ran to the nearest loo and back everyone was lined up and ready to go! Chris McG gave us some stick for holding everyone up!

This is the fourth time I’ve done this excellent little race but each time it’s been a few weeks after a major ultra. I would love to do it when I’m in the middle of a decent amount of speed work. Maybe one day.

Photo from Chris Upson (more photos from Chris here)

I decided to set off as hard as I could without being silly and hold on for as long as I could. That’s the way it worked out really. After 2-3k I was averaging 3.54 pace but I must have slowed down a bit as my average was 3.56 by the end and also 2-3 people went past me on the last kilometre. Looking at my splits my third kilometre was the slowest at 4.13.

I tried to finish as hard as I could down the last downhill bit and it was just as well I did as Chris finished 5-6 sec behind me and had been chasing me the whole race! Chris thanked me for helping to get under 20mins but I didn’t know anything about it.

I went straight on and did my swimming lessons and I’m now home having enjoyed some homemade butternut squash soup (thanks Katrina!). BTW Katrina finished strongly and we are waiting to see her time on the web site but I reckon it was well under 27mins. My guess 26.35

Ian and the rest of those running the 24hr race in Tooting have been running for 2hrs 35mins. The first update on his special blog site reported he’d run 39 laps in 1hr 40mins, 1 lap ahead of his schedule.

I’ve just seen this on the official web site, After 2 hours 3 runners have completed 61 laps, just over 15 mile, 24 km, Paul Fernandez, Paul Hart and Matt Mahoney have a small lead over Stefan Liskowski, Lee Chamberlain and Rob Wood.. Leading lady is Aileen Scott who has covered 13.5 miles, 21.5 km 54 laps. She has a clear lead – 5 laps ahead of Rachel McCuaig and Liz Neville who are both on 49 laps, 12.1 miles 19.6 km.

So a good start for Aileen. I’ve ran with Aileen a lot over the last three years and she likes to go off hard so it looks like she’s running true to form.

PS … Official results on parkrun web site … Katrina finished in 26mins 8secs – a pb by 8 secs!!

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1 Response to Saturday: 5k Park Run

  1. Well done Katrina. Another PB. Brilliant.
    Also well done John. I fancy trying one of the park runs soon.


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