Sunday: Off Road Run on the Braes

Time: 6.50am
Route: Gleniffer Braes
Run Distance 15.23miles
Time Run: 2hrs 36mins 20secs (average pace – 10.16)

I’d arranged to run with Chris and John McL this morning and right on time at 6.45am they turned up and we were off. It was pretty wet but no wind and it wasn’t very cold so it was fine. Harvey came with us and was excellent except for a five minute spell after an hour or so when we lost him!

As wet off Chris was giving John some stick about having to run either side of him as he often stumbles but over the run one person had two stumbles and his name wasn’t John!

I’ve run on the Braes for the past 3 years but this was the first time I’ve run with friends over this route so it surprised me how easier it was. We chatted the whole way and the time flew by. We chatted about the race in France, Chris’ goals and training plan for 2010 and I gave them an outline of my novel!! At one point I said that I like a challenge but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to finish it to which Chris replied, ‘Challenge and not finishing don’t go together in the same sentence with you John!’ So no pressure then!

So it was a great run, home in time for a shower some breakfast then off to church. Thanks for the run Chris & John.

I really enjoyed the Scottish Athletics Awards Dinner last night. The food was excellent but the highlight was Seb Coe as the guest speaker.

Seb was asked to speak for 10mins on ‘What Atheltics means to me.’ He spoke about the volunteers who make the sport what it is in the UK and shared some stories of people who had helped him. But to be honest I could have listened to him

Today starts the beginning of the National Novel Writing month that I’m taking part in. I hope to make a start today but my Mum is up for the weekend and we are off to watch the Rocks play London Capital at 5pm and then Mum is taking Team Kynaston out for a meal at 8pm so not sure how much I’ll manage.

I did think about setting up a separate blog for my attempt at writing a novel and post my ongoing effort each day but I think I’ll keep it to myself!!

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