Sunday: Off Road Run on the Braes

Time: 6.45am
Route: Gleniffer Braes
Run Distance 15.21miles
Time Run: 2hrs 36mins 55secs (average pace – 10.20)

My friend John McL so enjoyed our run last Sunday that he was back for more today. Chris had other family commitments and so couldn’t make it this time.

I took John on the same route as last week but we went the other way round to make it a bit different. We had another good solid run chatting the whole way round.

The only incident we had was John tripped just as we went through Paisley Golf Club car park and fell into the flag pole! Thankfully he was okay but we thought Chris would have appreciated that one!

We had a good time last night at Neal’s farewell drink. It was great to see lots of the whw family including Ian & Alison, Marco & Debs, Thomas & Silke, Sharon, Lee plus lot of others. I had a good chat with most folk and we left about 11pm.

It’s going to be a big change for Neal & Caroline and I think the reality is starting to hit home. The initial 9 week Navy training programme that Neal will be doing will be split with a Christmas break so that has worked out well.

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