Monday: Club Run – Fartlek

Time: 7.15pm
Route: Cycle Track
Distance Run: 9.53miles
Run Time: 1hr 15mins 01secs
Session: 1min 30sec (45sec) 3min 30sec (1min 45sec) 4min 30sec (2min 15sec) 5min 30sec (2min 45sec) 5min 30sec (2min 45sec) 4min 30sec (2min 15sec) 3min 30sec (1min 45sec) 1min 30sec

Another interesting session tonight. We had a good number in our group along the cycle track. Donald has a big orienteering competition this coming weekend so only did half the session. He led the way on the way out and it was me and the other two John’s leading on the way back. Chris was shadowing me the whole way as well.

It was a good solid run and I felt I pushed it for each and very run. It’s so much better when you have others around you keeping you honest. I asked John McL how far did we run tonight for the 30mins? He reckoned 5.08 or so. Well here are my distances …
1min 30sec: 0.25miles (6.00 mins per mile)
3min 30sec: 0.56 (6.15)
4min 30sec: 0.72 (6.15)
5min 30sec: 0.87 (6.20)
5min 30sec: 0.90 (6.07)
4min 30sec: 0.76 (5.56)
3min 30sec: 0.61 (5.45)
1min 30sec: 0.28 (5.22)

So that adds up to 4.95miles so not quite the 5miles but pretty close.

My novel continues to grow. I’ve not managed as many words over the past two days but I’m up to 17,895 words so I’m still 2,500 words up on the 1,700 words a day standard. I’m hoping to write a bit more tomorrow. The alarm is set for 6am to write for an hour or so before breakfast.

Renita on the phone last week said that she felt the lessons and discipline I show in my running will help me in getting it done. It does very similar to running the whw. I find when I’m running an ultra I can’t focus on the 95miles. It feels too far, to out of reach so I concentrate on the next 3-4miles and then when I get there the next mark. The the overall distance takes care of itself.

It feels the same with trying to write this novel. 50,000 words seems an awful lot so I’m concentrating on trying to write 2,000 words each day and then hopefully the 50,000 will take care of itself.
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1 Response to Monday: Club Run – Fartlek

  1. Brian Mc says:

    I write as part of my profession (papers and books) and it is a difficult process to control. Sometimes the words just don't come out very efficiently and you just need to not do anything for a day or two whilst your brain processes in the background. Then other (good) days the words come like a torrent.

    Some people plan then write. I tend to craft and use the process of writing as a process of thinking and argument construction.

    Good luck!

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