Thursday: Easy Run

Time: 12.25pm
Route: Pollok Park loop
Run Distance: 6.67miles
Time Run: 50mins 51secs (average pace – 7.30)

I ran my recovery run with Hugh again today. I ran a 2.09 mile loop with Hugh at 7.55 pace and then another another 4.58 loop at 7.36 pace.

My final ultra of my 2009 challenge is just over 3 weeks away so I thought I’d best open up my ‘Guess my Time’ Competition. It feels part of the tradition now! If you want to enter just send me you guess in hours, minutes and seconds. The race is 69k (43miles) and I’m aiming for under 7hrs but who knows what I’ll be able to do … faster? slower? You decide!

Send me your guess via

1. A comment on this blog
2. Text to 07905 218162
3. Email to
4. Home phone 0141 884 8282
5. By person

There will be a small prize from France for the closest.

This morning my daugher Laura passed her driving test! I was so pleased for her and also for Neal who has been teaching her. Neal is off to his Navy training on Sunday and so this would be the last opportunity for him to take Laura for her test so it all worked out well. Thanks Neal and well done Laura!

I’ve almost reached half way in my novel … 24,690 words. Here is a graph of how I’m getting on …

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2 Responses to Thursday: Easy Run

  1. Gavin Taylor says:

    6 hrs 48 mins 31 sec


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