Sunday: Off Road Run at Muirshiel Park

Time: 8.05am
Route: Bridge of Weir to Muirshiel Country Park and back
Distance: 30.31miles
Time Run: 5hr 08mins 50secs (av 10.11mins per mile)

This morning John McL, Chris and I ran a long run together as our last long run before France which is less than 3 weeks away now.

This was the longest that John McL had ever run so was an important building block in his preparation. For my part I was keen to get a good long run under my belt before France. I arrived a few minutes before 8am on my motor bike and by the time I got myself ready John arrived and we were off. Harvey joined us as well.

John McL, me and Chris

More photos on Flickr

It was a really good route, about 15 miles on road and 15 miles off road which is similar to the France race. The first 9miles was from Chris’s house in Bridge of Weir to the visitors centre at Muirshiels Park. Then we did a 4.58 miles out and back to the old mines, followed by another out and back along the lower path (7.76miles). We had a quick stop at the centre and then ran the 8.91 miles back along the road back to Chris’ house where I had a shower and two bacon rolls. Thanks Carol.

We ran together for the majority of the run but John and I pushed the last 5-6miles up the hills but Chris wasn’t too far behind.

So all in all an excellent run and it left us all feeling confident for France. We are really looking forward to the weekend and challenging ourselves against all these French ultra runners!

We had some sad news a couple of days ago. One of our friends Graham Hicks died after a four year battle with cancer. Graham and his wife Sue and their three children, Joe, Tom and Amy worked with us at Hebron School in India. We looked after the inter boys and they had the inter girls and we did a number of activities together. We also went on holiday and count them as good friends.

They moved to Leicester when they returned to the UK after Hebron and we overlapped for a couple of years before we moved to Paisley. We saw them two and half years ago and Graham was recovering from chemo treatment and hoped they had caught it in time.

It was a shock to hear that he had gone down hill over the last four weeks and died on Thursday. His funeral is on Friday and we are hoping to go down to Leicester. Katrina & I hope to be able to take a day off work to go.

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1 Response to Sunday: Off Road Run at Muirshiel Park

  1. Davie says:

    Glad to see that Kilbarchan ultra runners are getting younger. I met David at the Real Cafe after he had run to Kingshouse and back with the Glee Club. All reports are that he did very well. He was introduced to Lucy who was impressed that some one so young should be contemplating running so far. I think he was impressed with Lucy – and that was her on a bad day!

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