Monday: Club Run – Fartlek

Time: 7.15pm
Route: Cycle Track
Distance Run: 9.51miles
Run Time: 1hr 15mins 55secs
Session: [2min 10sec (1min 10sec), 3min 20sec (1min 40sec), 4min 30sec (2min 15sec)] x 3

With less than two weeks to go before France this week is going to be a moderate week. I’m planning to run Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday this week.

I pushed it as hard as I could tonight but my legs felt heavy after an easy week last week. It didn’t help that I missed timed the second 4min 30sec run as I was trying to hang on to John McL. I think we ran an extra 45sec before I realised!

Here are my distances:

2min 10sec: 0.36 (6.02), 0.34 (6.23), 0.32 (6.47)
3min 20sec: 0.53 (6.18), 0.54 (6.11), 0.56 (5.58)
4min 30sec: 0.72 (6.15), 0.78 (5.47), 0.77 (5.51)

So that adds up to 4.92miles for the 30mins which feels abou right.

I have a few more guesses for my competition. I’m up to 16 now so you have until 6pm Thursday 3rd December to send in your guess if you want to take part.

I have just about kept ahead of the asking rate on my novel over the weekend. I’ve now written 41,300 words so the end is in sight. Here is my graph with a week to go …

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2 Responses to Monday: Club Run – Fartlek

  1. John, I take issue with your use of the word 'abandoned' in an earlier post. I have made it the sub-theme for my own most recent blog post.

    I look forward to reading your novel when it's finished. I understand it's about you. I bet mine is better 😉

  2. I really admire your persistency! Have you even just gone (I'm trying to choose my words to fit the recipient)…”ah, stuff this!”..? Or something of that ilk 🙂

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