Friday: Easy Run

Time: 5.05pm
Route: Paisley Canal
Distance: 5.10miles
Time Run: 42mins 39secs (average pace 8.22)

I was busy all day today in one of my schools with an activity day. It was good fun but it meant I couldn’t get out at lunch time. So I ran after work today and before an evening meeting I was involved in.

Anyway an easy run with one little incident. As I ran past Paisley Canal Train Station a guy decided to run after me with a bottle in his hand. I was unsure whether he was serious or not as his mates were all waiting for him at the top of the hill. I stopped and faced him and he said I’m only joking. So I ran off and he chased me again with his bottle. I stopped again as I didn’t really fancy being hit on the head. One again he said he was only joking. This time I ran off a bit quicker!

My novel is almost done …. just over 1,000 words to go though I thought I might have to rewrite about another 1,500. I have been really careful all month to make sure I have two copies all the time in case something happens. The thought of losing what I’d written was not very appealing. Yesterday I used my lunchtime to write a bit and then when I got home I couldn’t find the memory stick that I was sure I put in my bag. I went into my office this morning hoping it was there but no sign.

Just as I was resigning myself to having to rewrite the 1,500 words I wondered whether it had fallen out my bag in one the schools I visited. Sure enough there it was. I was saved having to rewrite that bit again. Felt a bit like having to retrace your steps in an ultra race because you are lost!

So my plan is to finish it off tomorrow morning before I have my swimming lessons, spend the afternoon giving it a quick read through while I listen to the Football on the radio, have it validated on the official web site and then post it here sometime tomorrow evening. So if you are interested in reading it you know where to come.

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2 Responses to Friday: Easy Run

  1. Thomas says:

    Hi John, looking forward to reading your novel!

    In case you do not have my guess for your night run: 7:51

  2. Hey John,

    Looking forward to reading your novel. I know you have posted it but I will wait until I can get some time to read it properly.

    Anyway you spoke about losing your edits. I find that a service called dropbox is good.
    It gives you 2Gb of space on the internet to store files etc and will automatically sync between all your PCs. You can also share folders to other people and sync files to them too. Best of all it gives you a backup incase anything goes wrong with your PC or memory stick.
    When you are not connected to the internet it stores the most recent files on your PC and then when you reconnect it will automatically sync it. Best of all it is all free.

    I use it and it is very good.

    Speak to you soon.


    PS I guess that in France you will run 7:58.

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