My Novel ……

I’ve done it! I finished my 50,000 words novel this morning. I uploaded it to the official web site and I was declared a WINNER and received this certificate …

I am also allowed to put this on my blog ….

For anyone who would like to read my effort here is a link to a pdf file ….
Be warned it is 77 pages of A4!!!

My Greatest Race: Rebekah running the 100k race in the 2040 Olympics by John Kynaston

Obviously it is a raw attempt with no editing so take it as you find it. Any references to people you might know are purely intentional and I hope no-one is offended!!!!

I would genuinely love to know what you think so either leave a comment or email me at

If you aren’t sure whether you want to bother here is the opening few paragraphs or so ….

Chapter 1
7.30am Sunday 30 September 2040

Thirty minutes to go before the biggest race of my career. I can’t believe I’m finally just a few minutes away from running 100 kilometres in a GB vest at the 37th Summer Olympics in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I feel I’ve been preparing and waiting for this race my whole life. For the last 24hrs I’ve been waiting and preparing, preparing and waiting and now I’m lined up with 140 other top class ultra runners in the first ever men and women’s joint 100k race.

I always find the last hour or so before a race the worse. I’ve done all that needs to be done and all I can do is wait for the gun and the start of the race. I try to relax but basically all I want to do is to get going. I have my race strategy and I’m keen to start the race and put it into action. My head is full of questions and doubts. Have I done enough training? Have I done too much training? Have I tapered well? Have I eaten enough? Will my lack of sleep last night hinder my run?

I look around the waiting room and all the other runners are in their own little worlds, concentrating on the task ahead. Maybe their heads too are full of the same questions. We are all aware that the next few hours will be hard but the most exciting time in our lives. This is why we run hundreds of miles every month, in the early hours of the morning and whenever we can fit it in, through all the seasons whether sun, rain, snow or wind to make sure we are in the best shape of our lives for the really big races and this is the biggest.

The 100k race was added to the Olympic programme in 2032 so this will be the third time it is run as an Olympic race. Ultra running has become more and more popular over the last 30 years or so and now it is seen as a major event in the Olympics. Today is the final day of the Addis Ababa games and the 100k race the final event. The people of Ethiopia and of Africa are rightly very proud of their first ever staging of the summer Olympics and though thousands have been involved and played their part it is all down to the work of one man …. Haile Gebreselassie.

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3 Responses to My Novel ……

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just thought I'd flag myself up as the first to comment! A dilemma for John: Does this certificate get framed and displayed alongside other illustrious running certificates like WHW completion? Or alongside the academic certs? Or where? Maybe a new wall all to itself? Meanwhile, well done on completing it, and with time to spare……


  2. Anonymous says:

    Well done on finishing! I skimmed ahead a bit and read about Rebekah's head teacher and your competition with Matt! The best bit so far is who you have made win it that year, love it! Will read it properly when my eyes are not so tired!
    Caroline x

  3. Davie says:

    Good job I abandoned my effort. The WHW race would never have survived the scandal of being linked to the crime of the century perpetrated by some ex-army rogues and vagabonds who roped in some iffy polis to their scheme.
    I haven't read it all yet but I hop you pay due respect to the octo- genarian JR who will still be completing the WHW race in 2029 at age 88!

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