Saturday: Easy Run

Today was supposed to be our Kilbarchan Boxing Day Relay but once again we had to cancel due to the snow and slippy payments. Hopefully the Marshall Moor race tomorrow will go ahead. That one is run off road so the snow shouldn’t make too much difference.

So I went for an easy run from home instead. I wore my off road shoes and ran on the payment and it was fine. It wasn’t too cold so I ran in my shorts. One lady said to me as I ran past, ‘You’re either very brave or stupid!‘ I’ll let you decide.

We had a great day yesterday. My best present was from Hollie – a bound copy of my novel!! It looks really good ….

Thanks Hollie


Message on the back


Time: 1.35pm
Route: Paisley Canal
Distance: 5.25miles
Time Run: 44mins 08secs (average pace 8.25)
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1 Response to Saturday: Easy Run

  1. Aw, that's a lovely present.

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