Stats for the year

Since I won’t be running today or tomorrow I have spent a few minutes looking at my stats for the year. If this is not your cup of tea please feel free to ignore the rest of this post but I know there are lots of other runners who like to keep similar records!

In 2009 I ran ….

…. on 226 days out of 365

…. a total of 2,325.65 miles

…. at an average of 44.72miles a week

… which averages to 193.80miles a month

…. over 20miles in races and training 15times

…. 5 ultra races – total distance 340.75miles

Here is a graph of all my runs in 2009 ….
(double click on the picture if you want to see it more clearly)

I also like to compare how I’ve been running from year to year especially since I started ultra running. So here is a graph comparing my weekly total over the last three years ….

In 2007 I averaged 36.4miles a week for a total of 1,893.5. Last year 2008 I managed 2,208.0
at a weekly average of 42.5miles. This year I was slightly higher with 2,325.65 at an average of 44.72miles.

Finally here is a comparison for my monthly totals over the last three years …

2007 – average 158.71

2008 – average 184.00

2009 – average 193.80

As I plan for 2010 I’m tempted to aim for an average of 200miles per month as it seems a nice round figure! I feel my body and lifestyle can cope with this. For me personally I don’t think there would be much benefit is trying to increase my milege too much more.

Next on my list is to work out my training plan for 2010.
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4 Responses to Stats for the year

  1. John, your soooo graphic :]
    It's always good fun planning for the new year!

  2. Bobby Quinn says:

    Hi John

    Interesting stats and you have certainly had a successful year. Re mileage, although may be unrealistic to increase your average monthly too much I do think you should think about (and would benefit) from increasing your mileage during certain periods of the year (particularly in the lead up to target races). Happy to chat through next time I see you. Hope the ribs heal up soon – my experience with cracked ribs is that you can get back running fairly quickly but it takes a while for the pain to go away! Cheers.

  3. Chad says:

    Wow, talk about knowing your own details!

    Take care in 2010!

  4. buryblue says:

    Impressed by your year on year improvement shows you have lost no enthusiusm for your running. I too love anything to do with running and statistics.

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