How to make your garmin last 30 hours plus

I ran in to work this morning. I’m finding this new pattern on running from and to work is working really well. It is a good feeling to be sat at work by 8.40am having done my daily run and showered.

A few people (ie Richie & Ian) have been putting some ‘How to ….’ on their blogs so I thought not wanting to miss out I would add in my contribution.

I came across a blog the other day that showed how to make your garmin last for as long as you want. One of the few draw backs to the garmin gps watches are the limited battery life. My 205 manages about 10-11hrs which is fine for most of my ultras but means I need to borrow a second garmin for races like the whw.

The new garmin 310TX has a 20hr battery so that’s better but my 205 is working fine and I don’t want to buy a new one until I need to. So I was intriguted when I saw this post about how to make your garmin last longer.

It is very simple (even for me!) ….

1. Buy a portable phone charger
I bought mine from Amazon.
(Sorry about the photos … they are a bit grainy but you get the idea)

Attach the charger to the base of the garmin and put the watch on the charger and hey presto it is charging.

3. I need to figure a way to wear the charger and the base and the watch. It is a bit clumpy but it does work and means you only need one watch for the whole race. Infact it would last for days if you wanted.

So my plan would be to use my garmin as normal until Auchtertyre. Then I’d strap on the battery pack and base for the next 9miles to Bridge of Orchy. The other option would be to carry the pack and watch in my bum bag whiole it charges which might be easier.

Anyway which method I choose by Bridge of Orchy the watch will be fully charged and I can run the rest of way with just the watch. Sorted.

Fri 29th Jan Run details
5.79miles in 46mins 57secs (8.06pace)

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6 Responses to How to make your garmin last 30 hours plus

  1. Kenny says:

    Another solution would be to splice together a longer charging lead so the batteries can be put in your bum bag.
    Nice idea though. Personally i just wish i could run far enough to to be able to actually use it! One day though…..


  2. Stu says:

    Excellent post and am sure it will come in handy for me at one point! Meant to say thanks for your offer of knowledge to assist my training. Wasn't planning on doing an ultra this year but then Clyde Stride was born! Looked like a good one to start off with so I've taken the plunge and sent off my application. So will be no doubt be in touch as it gets closer!

  3. Billy says:

    Great tip John. All the best wiyh your 2010 goals.


  4. Grellan says:

    As you can see John it fits perfectly. Thanks again. handy tip about recharging the garmin. I must find a race long enough now.

  5. Jayster says:

    John use a sweatband they make some bigger ones fot tennis and b-ball. and if it gets too much moisture on your arm use two and put the charger between them. should work I think. Jay 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    Could you have a WHW Buff wrapped round your wrist to secure the charger? Or how about using one of those “wrap-around-your-wrist” key holder mini-bum-bag things to carry the charger in?

    Murdo (not the HF one)

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