No shortcuts in ultra running

A very easy run into work today. Run, train and run making just over 2miles. Hardly worth getting changed for but my bike was in work as I ran home last night and I didn’t want to do the full 6miles as I’m running the 5k Park run tomorrow.

As I ran I was thinking more about the importance of ultra training and particularly how do you build up to running 95miles or more. As anyone who has read this blog will know I love my spreadsheets and so I’ve put together a sheet with my long monthly runs over the last four years to see if there is a pattern and what can I learn.

The first thing I notice is that I’ve been very consistent over the 3-4 years and from Dec – Jun I’ve not missed my long monthly run.

The first year I was working out my pattern and the last two years have been pretty simialr with similar results on the whw.

So once again it will be interesting to compare this year with my changes to training and races.

Fri 19th Feb Run details
2.43miles in 18mins 48secs (7.45pace)

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1 Response to No shortcuts in ultra running

  1. Good luck with the Parkrun. You'll be amazed at the turn out! Quite a popular wee race now.

    See you Sunday.

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