Really sad news

Today I heard the sad news that Stephen Ogilvie, a member of Kilbarchan AAC, died last Thursday. Steve was a regular member of our group on a Monday and Wednesday nights and I often ran with him and chatted about various races we were planning to do.

Steve was only 47 and died of a massive heart attack while sleeping on holiday in Spain. It has been a real shock to his family and friends and my heart goes out to them.

He was fit and healthy and it’s hard to understand how it could happen but maybe there was a weakness there and running prolonged his life.

It was the main topic of conversation tonight and everyone was a bit stunned by the news.

This photo was taken after the Helensborough Half Marathon last August which Steve finished in 1hr 42min 03secs

Due to the ice and snow on the cycle track we decided to run to the industrial estate where the snow had gone. It was a good move though it did mean running up and down the same stretch of road.

I set off planning to run steady but after the first 3min run I felt good and worked hard for the 4 sets of 6mins. I was running with John most of the way and feeling pleased with myself. At the end of the last 6min run my chest was really sore again and so I took it easy on the last 3min run.

I probably worked a little too hard and need to be careful this week. I don’t need any more speed work so will plan to do lots of easy runs for the rest of the week.

Mon 1st Mar Run details
8.34miles in 1hr 06min 47sec

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5 Responses to Really sad news

  1. That's really sad. And for someone so young.

  2. Tim says:

    What Debbie said.

    I've also pick up the topic in my blog as I think there are issues about runners possibly being in denial over any heart symptoms

  3. Brian Mc says:

    Sad news indeed. Too young to die.

    Hope you get better soon.

  4. phil says:

    Sorry to see that really sad news John.

  5. lesleyh says:

    So sad. Hope his family are coping okay.

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