February Review

I had a steady run home tonight. I was a bit concerned about my chest and while I could feel it the whole way it didn’t get any worse. It’s a week since I fell and I’m hoping that by this time next week it will be back to normal. I’m going to run each day this week (with Saturday off) but make them all easy steady runs. As Donald said to me last night I really don’y need any speed training at this point.

So on to my review of February. First some figures and then some comments.

In February I ran 25times for a total of 205.60miles. My weekly totals were 62.00, 82.30, 26.30 and 35.00miles. Here is a graph of my runs …

The other thing I’m doing this year is to keep an eye on the type of runs I’m doing so here is a breakdown for January/February …

As I think about February I have a high point, a low point and lots in the middle.
The high point was definitely my 42mile run on the whw from Tyndrum to Fort William. I really enjoyed the run and felt strong right through the day. Often on these long runs I go through a tough bit when I run out of energy and struggle but not this time. I ate enough and was able to keep a steady pace going, even finishing with the last 4miles at 7.45pace.

The lots in the middle was plenty of really good solid easy, tempo and long runs throughout the month. I can’t think of a single run that I didn’t finish feeling strong.

The low point was falling again last week and having to miss a couple of days of my planned training programme. It is very fustrating to fall and it really did knock me back and I’m still trying to recover. Hopefully I’ll be fine by the time of the Hardmoors. It just shows how easy it is for all the good work you do to be lost in a moment. At least I didn’t break anything.

So overall a good month.

7.33miles in 59mins 11secs (8.05pace)
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1 Response to February Review

  1. kate says:

    definitely a a good month! finishing so strong on the 40miler so early in the year must be a big confidence boost.

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