Correction to my race plan

I obviously didn’t spent long enough on my race plan the other night.

Thanks to Julien who pointed out an obvious error in my plan – the maths was wrong. I had the wrong cell in my excel sheet so my total time was an hour out. I must admit thinking it was a bit strange when I did it.
At least Julien pointed it out now. I remember the first time I ran the whw race I was working on a faulty schedule and wondered why I was ahead of my time to Beinglas but got there later than I’d told my support team. The answer then, too, was that I’d added up wrong!
So I’ve redone it and I’d be grateful Julien if you could look over it and see if that makes more sense!
Thanks too for those who have commented on whether I should run again between now and the race. As always there are various opinions from those who say I should rest and it won’t any difference and others (well Thomas L) who says I should keep running.
So I’ll have to weigh up the options and decide. I’m not running tonight so tomorrow night will be the earliest I would go but I’m thinking Sunday would be more sensible if I do decide to run.
Tomorrow I’m hoping to be able to get to Stephen Ogilvie’s funeral. I won’t make the cemetery at 12noon but hope to be in time for the service at the Houston and Killellan Kirk at 12.30pm.
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2 Responses to Correction to my race plan

  1. Thomas says:

    Hi John,
    maybe I should modify my comment slightly.
    I had a three week total break of training for the WHW Race (no cross training). And I still made it to Tyndrum in reasonable shape. Then, in particular after BoO I broke down though.

    Since the Harmoors 55 is not quite a WHW Race (no offense!) your chances are probably not that bad even if you stop running.

    Although I still would recommend to try some easy jogging. Not through the pain though.

  2. Stuart Mills says:

    Hi John

    I came across your blog site whilst searching for details on the Hardmoor 55/110. A very interesting website, with loads of analysis and intereting thoughts.

    I briefly chatted with you at the Highland Fling last year, so hopefully you are able to run next week's Hardmoor55 and we can have another chat after the race.

    With regards to your dilemma regarding rest or run. No doubt everyone has their own opinion and noone is right or wrong, as everyone is slightly different regarding, resting, training, racing etc. However, I might as well add my thoughts, based on over 37,000 miles of running. Yes, like you I also record every mile I run! Well done on your 22,000+ miles.

    From my observations over the years I would expect you to perform significantly better having 10 days off, than if you had continued with your usual training/taper. Most runners are always in a state of over-training and many times I have witnessed people run their best every race after an interuption to their training shorty before the race. Their usual response is “I wonder how much better I would have gone if I had managed to keep up my usual training”. Not realising that the break in training is what actually caused them to run so well. The reason everyone doesn't produce a good result after an enforced break in training is that they are usually so convinced that they will perform poorly due to the break, and so they do.

    The above is just one of many opinions suggested, but as long as you can do a 30 minute jog on the Wednesday and Thursday next week,(no need to do any more) and have the belief that the break will actually benefit you. Then you will out perform your own expectations. My prediction for your competition is that your finish time will be 9 hours, 57 minutes, 26 seconds.

    See you at Guisborough just before 6:00pm.

    All the best with your final preparations. Focus on the attitude/the belief, rather than the physical. With 22,000 miles, you have more than enough miles in the bank!”

    Stuart Mills

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