William Sichel’s greatest challenge?

Taken from his web site, ‘William Sichel started ultra running in 1994. Unusually he won his debuts in the 100km, 24 Hour, 72 hours, 6 day and 7 day events. Furthermore, he has won international events in the UK (five times), Netherlands, USA (twice), Switzerland, Monaco (twice), Greece and Germany.

He is currently unbeaten in all events longer than 48 hours. William currently holds six ultra distance records at World, British and Scottish level. William also held two ratified Guiness World Records for treadmill running (100 miles and 24 hours) set in 2002.’
I first heard of William when I read an article about him in MyRace magazine. He mentioned that he had suffered with DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) during his first ultra and it sounded very similar to what I experienced in my first whw race. In the article he said he’d been able to overcome it and it hadn’t been an issue since.
So I contacted him asking for some help and advice, which he generously gave. We have kept in touch since and we’ve met up a couple of times.
Anyway on Monday William starts what I think must be his greatest challenge yet. Along with 23 other ultra runners William is taking part in the 1,000mile race in Athens. They have 16 days to complete the distance on a flat 1k course. The last time it was held 7 years ago no-one completed the 1,000miles.
What a challenge! A few years ago I thought a 1,000miles in a year was good going.
If you want to follow his progress you can log onto to William’s blog where his team will be posting regular updates.
I would just like to wish him all the best and will be thinking about him as he keeps on running and running and running.
As for me I tried my cough test this morning and I won’t be running today! It’s getting easier and I’m confident by this time next week (when the race will be 40 mins in) I’ll be fine.
Thanks again for those who have taken time to comment and offer advice. It’s all appreciated.
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