A Fartlek session at last

It was good to be back at the club on a Monday night. I’ve missed a number over the last month or so. It was very wet and windy but once I was running it didn’t really matter. We had a couple of new guys tonight Jim and his son James. They ran really well and said they’d be back for more.

Here are the stats from the session
(1min rest after the 3mins 30secs and 2mins rest after the 2mins 30secs)

I was happy to see that I’d made it past the 5mile mark …. just!

Congratulations to William Sichel who finished his 1,000miles earlier today in Athens. He finished 2nd in the race and broke three M55 records:

furthest run in 6days – 497.09miles
fastest 1,000k – 7days 23hrs 45mins 43secs
fastest 1,000miles – 13days 20hrs 08mins 01sec

So well done to William and his support team at the track and back home. I wonder whether he can sleep after finishing or whether his body is so used to running he’ll find it hard to relax?

I’ve sent off the Hardmoors 55 splits. I always find it interesting to see how I’ve got on in relation to the field.

Mon 29th Mar Run Details
9.88miles in 1hr 15mins 38secs

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