Hall of Fame

I got home about 9pm last night but ‘Team Kynaston’ taxi was required at 10pm to pick up three Kynaston girls. I knew snow was forecast but was taken a back by the amount that was falling! Thankfully it didn’t really stick and I was able to use my bike to get to work this morning.
We had a really good event this morning – Megaball Mania. We had over 800 children inside the new Toryglen Football Centre playing various megaball games. It was really good fun … and I hope the class I took enjoyed it too!
I ran home tonight wearing my hi-viz jacket and gloves. I thought I’d put them away for the year but not quite yet. A good solid run home. I could feel the effects of last night’s fartlek session but I spent most of the run thinking about the up coming Fling Race. The miles fly by as I imagine running along the track from Milngavie to Tyndrum. At least I don’t have to worry about getting lost.
I have now run 10 ultra races in the last 4 years so thought I’d introduce my very own ‘Guess My Time’ Hall of Fame. I’ve run the competition for each race and here is a list of the winners. Interestingly no-one has won it twice!

I will be opening the competition for The Highland Fling next week.
7.35miles in 58mins 19secs (7.57pace)
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2 Responses to Hall of Fame

  1. Davie says:

    There be my next goal. No running but I can try to be the first double winner!

  2. Any excuse for a spreadsheet 🙂

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