Time trial on the Braes

Once David let me now that he couldn’t run this morning I decided to set myself a goal of trying to run at least 18miles in 3hrs … so 10min a mile pace. It is quite a hilly route so I knew it would be a good effort to achieve. So a time trial over 18miles.
I set off at 6.45am in slight rain but it quickly stopped and by the time I finished it was sunny. From my house to the start of my loop is 1.62miles and includes a climb. Then the loop is 7.60miles which I did twice. I often do the loop one way and then do it the other way round for the second loop but this morning I decided to do the loop the same way and split the loop into three sections so I could compare how I was getting on.
Here is a summary of the two loops ….

I was really pleased with my run as I pushed the first lap but was able to go faster on the second one. I was feeling strong and finished feeling good. I ended up averaging 9.43pace for the 18.43miles.
So it’s been a good week running wise. I’m planning an easy five miles tomorrow to finish off the week which will give me just over 60miles for the week.
Last night on BBC 2 there was a really interesting programme on the Nilgiris Steam Railway in India. The train goes up the hill from Metapalayam to Ooty, which is where we lived and worked for 5 years so it was really fun to see the area and brought back lots of memories.
Congratulations to those who ran in the D33 ultra today. I’ve heard from Marco, Ian and Ellen who all seemed happy with their runs. Unfortunately Debs hasn’t fully recovered from her virus and had to drop out. Hope she recovers soon.
18.43miles in 2hrs 58mins 56secs (9.43pace)
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