Well done …

The second race, the D33, in the SUMS series seemed to go really well yesterday. So well done to all those who ran and to George Reid for putting the race together.

I also wanted to say well done to Anton who I mentioned a while ago. Anton is a very accomplished ultra runner in the States (winning Leadville 100 a few times) and had set himself the goal of summiting Green Mountain 100 times in the first 100 days of 2010. He accomplished his goal the other day and writes that he is going to continue. Infact he ran up it four times yesterday.
I went for an easy 6miler this morning. Legs felt a bit heavy early on but soon eased off and I ran nice and steady. That gives me just over 62miles for the week and that was my best training week for a few weeks. Another similar one next week would be good.
I meant to post this graph the other day when I was doing my March review. It shows my weekly mileage for the last four years Jan-Mar.

The red column for 2010 was going well up until March but hopefully will be more consistent for the next few months. I sometimes wonder whether I do enough. I realise averaging around 50miles a week will be a lot to some but to other ultra runners it’s on the low side. Maybe one year I should experiment with say 70miles a week and see what happens.

6.05miles in 49mins 04secs (8.07pace)
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1 Response to Well done …

  1. UltraStu says:

    Hi John

    Intersting statistics re your weekly milage.

    Why not try averaging 30-35 miles a week for a year, before trying 70 miles average. It may produce better results, as well as taking a lot less time.

    Just a thought!


    PS. My weekly average for 2009 was 34.5 miles!

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