Fartlek on my own

We had planned to go out for a walk in the afternoon and then visit some friends in the evening so I decided to go out and do the Club Fartlek session on my own this morning.
It was pouring with rain and pretty windy especially on the way out. It is always a lot harder doing these sessions on your own but I worked as hard as I could in the conditions and felt it was a good effort!
The session was 5 sets of 4mins 30secs (1min recovery) followed by 1min 30secs (with a 2min recovery).
Here are my distances and pace …

Not great but I did work hard!
In the afternoon we (Katrina, Emma and I) drove to Balmaha but decided to go for a nice stroll down the loch side rather than go up Conic Hill. Most of the snow seems to have gone from the top but it was covered in cloud.
The rain stopped and we had a nice walk. One thing I did notice is that someone has built a new fence along the loch side a mile or so out of Balmaha. So instead of being able to run along the grassy path we’ll have to run through the mud! Hopefully it will be dry for the Fling in a few weeks time.

10.45miles in 1hr 19mins 27secs

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1 Response to Fartlek on my own

  1. Hey JK,
    Don't wear your best socks on Sunday. The snow has melted and left a mud bath.

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