Feeling stronger this week

During my harder weeks Wednesday is a key day as I run twice. In the morning I have an easy run into work and then in the evening a hard tempo run with the Club.

Last week was the first time I’d done for a number of weeks and my legs were sore on the way into work and I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to run as well as I did in the evening.

Today was quite different and shows the difference a week makes. I ran into work today feeling a lot easier. I ran steady and was quite happy to see my overall pace was 8.13.

By the time the evening tempo run came I was looking forward to it. There was a group of 8 or so of us but during the run a few cut the run short. I spent most of the run with a couple of new guys who have been coming along, James and his Dad Jim. It was good to get to know James better. His dad was hanging on just behind us.

So another good Wednesday completed. Almost 16miles over the two runs. I have a couple of easier runs tomorrow and Friday and then I’m running with Debs and Sharon on Sunday – Milngavie to Balmaha as a final practise for the Fling. Hope we have a good day but I’m told it’s very wet underfoot!

Wed 7th Apr Morning Run Details
5.97miles in 48mins 57secs (8.13pace)

Wed 7th Apr Evening Run Details
9.93miles in 1hr 11mins 21secs (7.13pace)

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2 Responses to Feeling stronger this week

  1. Lee Maclean says:

    It's all going well John.
    Your ears will be nipping on Sunday with that pair either side of you 😉

  2. Forecast is for sunshine :-)Hope it dries up the mud though.

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