Heart Rate Monitors

Another lovely day in Glasgow today. I ran home after work in the sunshine. It was really good to be running in the warmth for a change.

I don’t use a heart rate monitor but I’ve been following the debate on why runners often find a strange spike at the start of a run before the readings settle down. Anyway on DC Rainmaker’s blog the other day he wrote about it and how to avoid it so thought I’d flag it up for anyone who does use HR monitors.

There is also an interesting post about various wallpapers you can download for your PC.

Thurs 8th Apr Run Details
7.37miles in 59mins 22secs (8.04pace)

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1 Response to Heart Rate Monitors

  1. Peter Duggan says:

    Some interesting suggestions there (most of which I'm already aware of), but it's not always that simple…

    As noted recently on my own blog, I never had any trouble with my old Garmin strap after that initial spike (when present), but the new soft-strap version has proven far less reliable so far, sometimes becoming decidedly erratic long after it should have settled for good on a 'sweaty' run. So I've already tried several of those 'fixes', but may yet end up reverting to the old strap for the old reliability.

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