A sort of a taper

With less than two weeks to go to the Highland Fling I really ought to be tapering big time but even though I’m definitely racing the Fling I’ve also got my eye on the bigger prize of the West Highland Way race in June.

So my plan is to have a medium week this week of around 45-50miles and then an easy week week next week before the race.

My medium week will consist of the same sessions as a hard week but with a little less effort, just one run on Wednesday rather than two and a long run of no more than 10miles.

So tonight I was at the club for the Fartlek session. Derek gave us a session of 2min, 3mins, 5min times 3. I planned to aim at 80% effort rather than my normal 100%. If I got it right then I ought to be running about 4miles rather than the 5miles I normally aim for.

Here are my distances and pace for the 30min of on running ….

So I worked a little bit harder than planned! But I didn’t thrash it and kept an even pace going throughout the session.

The guesses for my ‘Guess the Time’ competition are coming in. I have 12 so far. This one from Julien made me laugh …

I’ve been tempted in the past … I’m entering your competition today 🙂

A rigorous cross-correlation between your splits on the Hardmoors 55, both race’s elevation profiles, a correction coefficient based on the expected weather and the position of the stars on the 24th April as well as the energetic content of an ounce of haggis leads me to bet with fairly high confidence:10:10:10

Best of luck!


Mon 12th Apr Run Details
9.39miles in 1hr 15mins 18secs

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3 Responses to A sort of a taper

  1. 9:35:23.

    But don't let your guard down, as I'll be out to hunt you down. Remember who was fastest in the last section on the Devil's…?! 🙂

  2. Davie says:

    I'm going a for a time a bit faster than last year given that you will have been practising eating on the run. 9.32.47

  3. kate says:

    hmmmm, i recon you'll be on the first dance by the time i get in 😉

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