Plans for the Cateran Trail Ultra Marathon

We used the Bank Holiday to catch up on some gardening. For the record I don’t like gardening and only do it when the garden is looking embarrassing and Katrina’s patience is wearing very thin. So several hours in the garden digging out weeds from the drive way, digging out weeds from the garden, mowing the grass etc is not the best preparation for a Fartlek session.

Probably just as well that I’ve already decided that during May and June if I go on a Monday it will be at 75% effort. I don’t need any speed at the moment but enjoy going along on a Monday night and it is good to be able to run faster for a few miles.
There were fewer tonight as it was the Bank Holiday but still plenty of folks to push the pace. It was great to congratulate John on his first (of many) sub 3hr marathons.
The session was a ladder type. Recoveries were half the on time. I took it easy on the way out and pushed a bit harder on the way back. Here are my distances ….
Today I was trying to work out the best way to get to Spittal of Glenshee for the 6am start on Saturday 15th May. Initially the options were …
Option 1
Leave Paisley Friday night on my motorbike and stay with Ian & Alison near Braco. Up at 3.30am, leave at 4am for the hour and a half ride to Spittal. Leave my bike gear in Peter D’s van.
Option 2
Go straight to Spittal from Paisley on Saturday morning. That would involve getting up at 2.30am and leaving at 3am for the two and hour half ride to get there in time for the registration and start. Probably not the best preparation to run 55miles even if it is a training run!
Option 3
Ride to Spittal on Friday night and either camp (any camp sites nearby?) or stay in a b&b. Then I could lie in until 5am and get to the start for 5.30am.
But Katrina has taken pity on me and said she’d come to watch! So I’ve booked the bunkhouse for the pair of us at the Spittal of Glenshee Hotel where the race starts for Friday night and Katrina can drive me home Saturday night! Sorted. They even said they are doing an early breakfast for the runners and marshals. It gets even better.
9.47miles in 1hr 14mins 15secs
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1 Response to Plans for the Cateran Trail Ultra Marathon

  1. Thank goodness Katrina is going. You know how you go to pieces without her. Behind every great man is a great woman, as they say. I take credit for Marco's Fling performance too 🙂

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