Club Fartlek

I did manage to get another 5mile run done yesterday so making my weekly total for last week 61.5miles. This week my plan is Monday – Club Fartlek session, Tuesday – easy 6-7miles and Wednesday – 5miles on Brodie Park. Then a mini taper of 2days before the Cateran Trail on Saturday.

For the session tonight I made sure I was in the middle of the pack and didn’t push too hard. I know I don’t really need to be doing these sessions at this stage of my ultra running season but I enjoy them and figure that as long as I don’t go flat out they won’t be doing me too much harm.
Have you been following Chris Upson’s friend Stephen Pyke (Spyke)? Starting on Sunday 25th April 2010 with Ben More on Mull, Spyke has set himself the challenge of climbing all Scotland’s 3,000 ft hills, better known as the Munros, in around 40 days. The current Munro record was set by Charlie Campbell in 2000.
He has been going two weeks and has completed 111 of the 283. Here is a map of the Munros climbed so far (completed ones in blue) …
Impressive stuff! There are some great pictures on the blog as well.
Brian at the club tonight says he had some difficulty watching my video from yesterday so here is the link to motionbox is that’s any easy to view.
5.25miles in 40mins 59secs (7.49 pace)

9.64miles in 1hr 19mins 09secs
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2 Responses to Club Fartlek

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good on you for flagging up Spyke's Munros challenge, John. I've been following it avidly each day. Charlie Campbell set the record of going round all the 284 Munros in 48 days. Spyke's target was to do them in 40 days. But he has been making such great progress that they have now rescheduled to try and do it in 38 days.

    Lots done, but still lots to do.

    Murdo tM

  2. Peter Duggan says:

    Sounds a bit like my programme for the week (cycling up Glen Nevis this evening, easy runs Tuesday, Wednesday and rest Thursday, Friday)…

    As for Spyke, I'm just struck dumb by the enormity of it all and sincerely hoping that he gets what he's after!

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