Easy Run

An easy run at lunchtime today. This week feels a bit funny really. There are only a few days to go before my next race, the Cateran Trail race on Saturday but as I’m treating it as a good training run I’m not tapering. Infact I’ve ran for the last 10days so it feels strange thinking I have a race in a few days.

I’m determined to really enjoy the race and make sure I run sensibly. Taking photos/videos and carrying a rucksack will help to make sure I start steady.

I had a nice comment from Colin Knox today. He was asking where is my video from this year’s Fling. I’m just waiting for some photos I’ve ordered from Brian Cook to arrive. But it is coming.

I saw this link on facebook posted by Debs to a video of Sunday’s Women’s 10k. Silke (blue vest with yellow band) can be clearly seen just after the start! …

I now have 28 guesses for my ‘Guess My Time’ competition. If you want to take part you have until 12noon on Friday.

Tues 11th May Run details
6.70miles in 53mins 06secs (7.56 pace)

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2 Responses to Easy Run

  1. Johann says:

    I treat many (most) of my races as training runs and think I enjoy races more than the very serious runners.

  2. Davie says:

    Same time as your Fling finish!

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