Cateran Trail – result

Just home from the Cateran Trail today.

Basic facts … I finished 9th in 10hrs 14mins 41secs and I was 1st Male Super Vet and won a prize!!!!
To be honest though the time and place were a bonus. It was how I ran it that mattered more to me. I kept to my game plan and ran well within myself and really enjoyed the race. The route is superb and the race organised by Karen was excellent.
I took loads of photos and did quite a few video clips so watch out for that coming this week!! I was given the nick name ‘camera man’ by a bunch of women supporting their partners!
at the end of the race
I’ll try and do my report tomorrow but I promised Katrina we’d sit down together and watch ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’
Thanks to everyone who sent text along the way!
A number of excellent runs today. Jack Brown won the race in a new course record 7hrs 50mins (or thereabouts). Paul Hart second and Richie Cunningham 3rd. Helen Johnston 1st Lady.
A friend from work Stephen McDermott was the closest with his guess!
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3 Responses to Cateran Trail – result

  1. UltraStu says:

    Hi John

    Well done on your run today. I look forward to your report and video.


  2. Thomas says:

    Well done camera man!
    Was that race harder than the Fling?
    Looking forward to your full report.

  3. kate says:

    excellent stuff!

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