Cateran Video

A couple of people have mentioned that they haven’t been able to watch my video from the Cateran Trail. Peter was one of then and as he features on it was keen to see it????

Anyway I’ve uploaded it onto my web site so hopefully you’ll be able to watch it from there.

Can you let me know if that works?


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3 Responses to Cateran Video

  1. xiain says:

    Hi John, Well done on your run at the Cateran Trail. A balanced effort AND 1st SuperVet. Must give you great confidence for June.
    PS: Video loaded OK for me. It just took a long time to download. (Have only skimmed it so far; looks a nice route.)

  2. stanb says:

    I had the same problem via Blogsite but was able to watch it on motionbox which is an another alternative


  3. Peter Duggan says:

    Still couldn't get it playing through my browser, but managed to download it this time and watch it locally…

    So no kidding when you say I feature on it! Terrible still shot at the start (caught mid-blink and looking strangely blind), but plenty of good banter about the 'hills' and surprised to find myself still haunting the proceedings even after we split up. 😉

    Mind you, also relieved to hear you say late on (straight after the bit about finishing nice and strong) that obviously you're tired, because you seemed to suggest at the finish that you could have kept going for ever!

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