I had one of my most enjoyable days at work today. I work as an Active Schools Coorindator with Glasgow City Council. Our motto is ‘more children more active more often’. Over the last 13 weeks I’ve been encouraging the five Primary Schools I work with to run a marathon in bite sized pieces as part of the celebration of the 2,500th birthday of the Marathon.

So the children have been running one mile in school one lunchtime a week and then we’ve encouraged them to run another mile at home with the parents/friends.
Today I organised a finale fun run to celebrate their achievement. We had about 450 children from the five schools at Bellahouston Park. After a warm up the children ran for 25minutes round a half mile circuit (around the pitch and putt course if you know the Park). Some just managed the final mile and 385 yards but others just kept going and ran several circuits with the most 8 loops making 4miles.
Some of the children who ran
I got such a buzz out of seeing these children running and enjoying it. I hope that it will inspire them to take up running that will keep them fit for the rest of their lives. You never know we might have a future whw winner who started with a fun run at Bellahouston Park today. Sadly I probably won’t be around the find out!!
One of the schools receiving their certificate for taking part
Once home I put on my vest and shorts and went out for my run in the sunshine. Another easy 5miler in this week of easy runs. Probably have a rest day tomorrow and then have a run on the Braes on Sunday morning before church.
5.09miles in 40mins 04secs (7.53pace)
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