Run on the Braes and more thoughts on pace

Up early and out for a run on the Braes this morning. I know I’m in good shape when I can run for almost 2hrs before breakfast and it feels fine. Not just physically but mentally. The time just flew by this morning and before I knew it I was heading home very satisfied with my run.
So mission accomplished this week. I was aiming for 35-40miles and I ran 37.4miles!
I’ve been thinking some more about the pace I should be working on for the whw race which is less than four weeks away.
I decided to have a closer look at the pace I ran at over the three times I have run the race.
In 2007 I really struggled from Kingshouse onwards with very sore, trashed quads and you can see how my average pace rose pretty steeply from 72miles onwards.
In 2008 and 2009 when I broke 20hrs each time my pace was pretty similar. In 2009 my pace was better at Inversnaid but similar by Auchtertyre. Then again I was ahead by Kingshouse but evened out again by Fort William.

I think everyone slows down through the race but the key is to try and slow down less than others. This means for me starting off steady and hopefully holding my pace for as long as I can and slowing down as slowly as possible.
I want to avoid the steep rises in pace. If I could keep the line just underneath the green line from last year I’ll be very happy!! Or maybe even better be above it to Auchtertyre but then below it to it the end.
I also decided to compare my pace line with Richie who came third in 16hrs 24mins and Neal who ran a superb 18hrs 42mins last year. Not that I’m aiming for sub 19hrs and certainly not sub 17hrs but I thought it might be interesting to see the shape of their pace lines and see if I can learn anything.

Richie’s line is very impressive. He ran the second half of the race at the same pace and Neal, too, didn’t slow down that much.
Paul asked for the splits from the last three whw races so I thought I’d post them here as they are no longer on the whw web site. If you find this sort of thing helpful here they are ….
10.82miles in 1hr 48mins 03secs (10.00pace)
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3 Responses to Run on the Braes and more thoughts on pace

  1. Peter Duggan says:

    Above it to Auchtertyre but then below it to the end sounds good!

    At risk of sounding like a parrot recorded to a cracked record (?), IMHO you're all starting too fast (yes, even the best and most experienced), the only reason folk accept this as normal is because it's so universal, and the only real need to slow down at all if you get things right should be terrain- and not fatigue-based.

    There, I've said it! :-/

  2. Peter Duggan says:

    Splits links are broken (need to change to

  3. Thanks Peter.

    I've corrected the links.

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