Meeting Graeme Obree

An easy run at lunchtime today in the sun. Long may the good weather continue but an overcast windless day for the whw would be ideal. If it’s as hot as it was over the weekend it would make it an even tougher proposition. But if it is then you deal with it. It’s the same for everybody.

I enjoyed my visit to the Glasgow Wheelers evening with Graeme Obree. For those who have not heard of him have a look on Wikipedia for a summary of his achievements. He broke the world record for furthest distance in 1 hour on a cycle track.

He spoke for 90mins or so and basically chatted about his life in cycling and answered questions. He had some interesting thoughts about the role of the mind and said that when he set out to break the one hour record he knew he could do it. He seemed to be saying that if you have the will to do something then you will achieve it if you have the right attitude. Interesting.

He also talked a bit about nutrition and said that the body absorbs water the quickest and best. Once we add anything to water (electrolytes etc) then it slows down the absorption. So in his opinion stick to water!

Regarding food he said that marzipan is a great energy food so I may be giving that a go!!

I had a quick chat with Graeme at the end and got a photo.

I reckon that’s me 4-1 up Debs!!! – plus I think Graeme Obree is a better photo bag than Mark Beaumont!!!!. My four are Paula Radcliffe, Seb Coe, Ellen MacArthur and now Graeme Obree.

Tues 25th Run details
7.08miles in 54mins 34secs (7.43pace)

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3 Responses to Meeting Graeme Obree

  1. Graeme Obree, is an amazing character he was an amazing time trialist and his one hour record was just plan AWESOME!
    glad to see he's looking in good health.

  2. Fiona Rennie says:

    John, does it have to be sporting greats to join in the competition or will any celeb do? I got Susan Boyle at Edinburgh Airport when we were flying down to Heathrow before our connecting flight out to France for the World 24 hr champs!

  3. It doesn't always have to be a competition JK. But now that you've made it that way…

    Marco wondered why he didn't look like Johnny Lee Millar 🙂

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