I love spread sheets

Yesterday we spent a very happy afternoon and evening at Marco and Deb’s new house for a bbq. It was great to catch up with everyone. As the evening wore on the only ones left were the whw crowd showing once again that ultra runners can last the distance.

We ended up watching the results of the Eurovision Song contest and giving plenty of stick to Thomas and Silke as Germany won and the UK finished last. Neal reckoned that was the best result as if you win it, it cost millions to host the next year which means less is spent on sport. Good argument!

Debs also gave me this mug. She said that when she saw it she thought of me! Thanks Debs – everytime I drink from it I’ll think of you smiling at my spread sheets!

This weekend there are two long distance races going on. Brian McIntosh was running the 145mile Grand Union Canal Race. I heard from Dave W that Brian withdrew at 93miles. Not sure the full story but mile after mile on a flat canal path can’t be easy!

The other event is the Heart of Scotland 100mile walk/run. Andy Cole, George Reid and Karen Donaghue are running this one. Not heard how they are getting on but I hope they are all doing well. I look forward to reading all about it. They are all doing the whw as well but the three of them seem to thrive on doing as many races as they can.

I finished off my week with an easy run. My road shoes were in need of a replacement as they are very worn. I bought a cheap pair of Asics (£28 from Sports Soccer) which will do the trick. I’d rather spend my money on good trail shoes.

So my last hard week before the whw brought me up to just over 68miles for the week and 254.5miles for May. Katrina and I are going for a walk up Ben Nevis tomorrow. We’ve not climbed the highest mountain in Scotland before so we’ve decided to put that right.
So no running tomorrow but lots of time on my feet which will be good. Forecast looks good so I’ll take the camera.

Sun 30th May Run details

6.55miles in 53mins 46secs (8.13pace)
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2 Responses to I love spread sheets

  1. Johann says:

    I need to get me a mug like that! Most of my life is captured in a spreadsheet somewhere.

  2. I was a classic saw this, and thought of you moment! 🙂

    I'm going to get one for Sonic: “I love my heart rate stats…unfortunately my wife doesn't”

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