Climbing Ben Nevis

Today Katrina & I climbed up Ben Nevis. We’ve not done the highest mountain in the UK so decided with the weather forecast so good to put that right.
Plus Hollie is going to climb it next Saturday with her school friends as a sponsored walk to raise money for her trip to Uganda and Katrina wanted to get up there before her. Talk about me being competitive!!
There were literally hundreds climbing the mountain so after an hour or so we went left and took the longer route. It was a right scramble near the end but well worth it.
We had to fight our way down through the crowds on the way down!

Our route ….
(click on Terrain and then hydrid google to see the route on google earth)
I took lots of photos and some video clips which I’ve put on Flickr is you’re interested!
The view from the top was amazing. Such a clear day and you could see for miles in every direction.
So it was a good day out. We stopped at the real Food cafe in Tyndrum for Fish and chips on the way home.
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6 Responses to Climbing Ben Nevis

  1. Chris says:

    Fantastic photos John.

  2. Andy Cole says:

    Lovely photos John. I've been on the top of the Ben in rain, mist, darkness, snowfall, howling wind and all the rest, but never had a day up there like yours – one to treasure!

  3. kate says:

    looks like a brilliant day. i've been to the top twice but never seen the view, thanks for the photos 😉

  4. Have they not put a McDonalds at the top yet :]

  5. phil says:

    We could almost have waved at each other. I was on Binnean mor and beag yesterday and had a fantastic view across to Nevis. We also stopped off at the real food cafe!

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