Early morning run & Munro challenge completed

I’ve been busy at work yesterday and today and wasn’t able to get out for a run at lunchtime. I hadn’t planned to run yesterday but wanted to today and knew that I wouldn’t fancy it after a full day out in the sun doing clubgolf.
So I got a bit earlier and ran 6.5miles this morning. It was really good to get it out of the way at the beginning of the day. A very easy pace. I’m planning on running every other day between now and the race.
That feels about right for me. I know some folk don’t run at all for 2-3 weeks before the whw but I couldn’t do that. Like all things ultra running there is no one correct way. Everyone has to find what works for them.
I mentioned Stephen Pyke’s attempt to climb all 283 munros in 40 days and couple of weeks ago. I’ve been following his progress and marvelling at the distances and climbs he’s done to achieve it.
He finished his final one, Ben Hope, this afternoon. Here is a bit from his blog ….

The final climb was taken in bright sunlight to a busy summit.
Spyke touched the trig point at 3:06pm to complete the round of 283 Munros in 39 days, 9 hours and 6 minutes.

A number of glasses of champagne were taken by the company to celebrate his great achievement, and a parcel from previous record holder, Charlie Campbell, containing a bottle of Singleton’s Malt Whisky found buried in the summit cairn was discovered. As Charlie wrote “What can I say but awesome! Many, many congratulations on setting such a fantastic record. Savour the moment, as the Munro memories will last for ever…it takes a singular determination and character to see an enterprise like this through to a successful ending, and you have done that”.

So here is his map with all the Munros in blue. No red ones to do. I wonder what he’ll do tomorrow?

Also I’ve been meaning to send my congratulations to Andy Cole, David Egan and Fiona Rennie’s friend Sue who all completed the Heart of Scotland 104mile walk/run last weekend. Each of their reports are worth reading.
6.53miles in 5mins 38secs (8.23pace)
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