Race gear

I ran today at lunchtime. A steady six and a bit miles at 8mins a mile pace.

After today I have only four more runs left (Wednesday – 6-7miles, Friday 5-6miles, Sunday – 10k trail race in Livingston, and Tuesday – 4-5miles) before the race.

I’ll be using the extra time I have to make sure everything is ready for the big race. I like to have everything tried and tested. I won’t try anything new on the day. I think that is asking for trouble.

When it comes to kit and what I wear I have worked out over the last few years what is comfortable and what causes as few problems as possible.

Instead of trying to explain it I had the idea of showing a photo of what I’ll be wearing on the day!

So there you have my kit. I’m pretty confident that I can stay as comfortable as I can in this lot. I will change my top a few times in the race. It always feels refreshing to put a clean t-shirt on. I’ll also change my buff regularly as they will get sweaty!

Unless it gets really cold I will stick to the same pair of shorts for the whole race. I will also wear the same socks and shoes for the duration of the race. I’ll have a pair of road shoes with me but can’t see the advantage in changing into them. Plus after several hours any bending down is sore so why waste the energy?

Mon 7th June Run details
6.42miles in 51mins 18secs (8.00pace)

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14 Responses to Race gear

  1. Chris says:

    What make of socks do you use John?

    Have the Skins helped the quads?

    What type of bum bag is it?

  2. Hi Chris

    Socks – just the standard black cheap ones from Sports Soccer. Again cheap white ankle cotton socks. I've tried more expensive ones and don't feel they make much difference. The thing that has reduced my blisters to nothing is the sudocrem. It seems to give my feet a layer of protection!

    Skins – I was recommended to try them after the first year on the whw when my quads were in agony. I also worked harder on my downhill running and generally ran more miles the second year so it's hard to know what made the difference but I don't suffer in the same way with my quads as that first year. They do help with reducing any chaffing around the inside of my legs. I don't think they do any damage and if I think they are helping me then they probably are!

    Bum Bag – Karrimor rush 2 – again one of the cheaper ones from sports soccer. Has all I need. A large compartment for food and any bits and pieces and a smaller pocket for my camera.

    Water bottle – is a Nathan one with single bottle and small pouch.

  3. Chris says:

    Thank John – I just re-read my questions and they sounded like an interrogation – sorry!

    Interesting re your view of socks. Sometimes simple and cheap is better.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Which Buff will you be wearing to start?

    Murdo t M

  5. I'm going to start with the Cateran Trail one – which is the brightest colour for the night section.

    Then I'll wear the Hardmoors one, the Scottish one and last years at some point and aim to finish with the new one we'll get for this year.

  6. Vicky Hart says:

    Sounds like you are very organised. I have a wee question about wearign shorts – do you find that your legs are ok with all the midges along the loch side?

  7. Now I know what colour t-shirt to look for! 🙂

    When are you posting the pace charts? I've only made mine up to Beinglas and then wing it from there. Don't want to get bogged on times.

  8. Vicky – my legs get covered in midgie bites but to be honest I don't really notice them as lots of other things are hurting by then!

    Debs – you won't see me anyway … as you'll be so far ahead!!

    Pace charts to come but I'm going to be doing a variation this year!

    What is your plan to Beinglas????

  9. Where can I buy the John Kynaston action figure?



  10. Now there's an idea!!

  11. Peter Duggan says:

    What's a pace chart?

  12. Don't worry Peter.

    All you need to remember is 3.45 to Balmaha and then 19.30 at Fort William!!

  13. Johann says:

    Showing your gear in a graphic like that is such a good idea. Will you give a breakdown of the food you take during the run at some stage?

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