Garmin watch screens

Another busy day at work today meant I wouldn’t be able to run at lunchtime. I could run at night but the world cup is starting so I might be busy watching the second game in the evening.

So another 6am run. The good thing about running early is that you feel good for the rest of the day knowing your run is done and dusted. A good solid run. I’m enjoying running every other day as it means I’m not running with any heaviness in my legs from the day before.

So onto the topic of the day …. My Garmin screens!

I’m one of those runners who likes to know how I’m getting on and keeps a close eye on my time and pace. My friend from Kilbarchan, Davie, was encouraging me last week to ditch the watch completely and run by feel.

I promised him that one day in one race I will do this but the whw race is not the one to experiment with!

But it did get me thinking about whether I’ve become too enslaved to my mini sections. The whw race is divided up into 10 main sesctions of varying distances from 6miles to 12miles. I have sub divided those main sections into bite sized pieces of between 2-4miles.

I have a target time and hence pace for each mini-section. I have found it really helpful to just concentrate on the next mini section and let the overall distance take care of itself.

I find this works well when I’m having a good race and I am ahead of my target (as in the whw race last year when I had a sub 21hr target and kept ahead of it all day) but not so well when I fall behind (as in this year’s Fling when I had a 9hr 40min target and never got there!).

So I was thinking how can have my mini sections without getting too caught up with time? I think I have found an answer! I’m going to work on my average pace. The garmin has a great function of being able to show your average pace.

So my screen is going to look like this ….
(figures from Sunday’s run on the Braes)

top left – overall distance (I find this helpful)
top right – overal pace (to beat my pb this needs to be below 12.31 by the end.)
bottom left – lap distance (the one I’ll look at most)
bottom right – lap pace (I’ll have my target which is based on previous runs and experience)

I know I could work out the time from the distance and pace but mental maths is never easy once you’ve been running for several hours so that shouldn’t be a problem.

So I think this is a good compromise of not getting caught up with times but having something to keep me on track.

So if you see me on the route don’t tell me my time but ask what average pace I’m running at!!!!

Plus with my little portable battery recharger I’m hoping to be able to record the whole run on one file.

I’m up to 35 guesses for my competition … a week to go!

Still to come … my targets times for each checkpoint and mini-sections and what I plan to eat in the race.

Finally all the best to Caroline and her friends as they take part in the Caledonian challenge over the weekend. They start at 9am tomorrow and hope to walk the 54miles in around 20hrs.
6.53miles in 53mins 50secs (8.15pace)
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6 Responses to Garmin watch screens

  1. Chris Brydie says:

    I am using 2 Garmin 305s in the race, so when the battery on the 1st one runs out I will switch to the 2nd one and my back up crew will re-charge the 1st one in the car (so I can swap back to the 1st one later…because I will be longer than 20 hours!!!) – this will save on having to strap a battery pack to my wrist (I saw you article months ago about the battery back). You can then merge the 2 files into one route/data on the Garmin Software. I borrowed the 2nd one of a mate and I did the same in the CCC in 2008.
    Good Luck – see you at the start. Chris

  2. Andy Cole says:

    I find the average pace a useful quantity as well. You can use three screens on a Garmin (2 basic + one activity-specific), so I normally have one screen set to overall time/distance/time of day, one to average pace/lap pace/instantaneous pace, and one dealing with elevation which I use in the hills (that's about as tekkie as I get). Having said that I've enjoyed my last couple of events running without the Garmin, just a normal watch, so on the WHW I'll use the Garmin to Rowardennan to keep the pace down then ditch it.

  3. Have you tried setting the garmin up so you can race the virtual man, you get two little men on your screen and it shows if you’re ahead or behind your virtual partner.
    i find this useful in long races as it keeps you concentrated on maintaining the pace you entered into the garmin.
    the sceen will show also average speed and a countdown up miles to go, far better than counting up the miles!

  4. Thanks for your comments …

    Chris … How do you merge two files together? I didn't realise you could do that.

    Andy – On my other two screens I have

    1. overall distance, overall average pace and overall time.

    2. lap distance, lap average time and lap distance.

    I find the current pace pretty useless as it fluctuates so much. I really like the average pace.

    Rick – I have used the virtual man on some runs but for the whw I don't think it will be much good as I'll hopefully be well under the average pace for the first 15hrs or so anyway. Unless you can programme it for varying average pace?

    Thanks for the comments though.

    It's interesting to see how others use the garmin. It's such a useful tool used properly.

  5. Johann says:

    Very interesting. I don't have a Garmin yet, but will have to get into all of that soon as I'm running some long trail races later this year. I'm a stats fanatic so I should love the Garmin.

  6. Anonymous says:

    your watch looks fresh and ready for another challenge

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