Dechmont Law 10K Trail Race

For my penultimate run before the whw race I decided a few weeks ago to run the Dechmont Law 10k Trail Race organised by Lothian Running Club. The fact that Mags Turnbull (pictured below), whw family member, is the race organiser was a bonus.

To make sure I didn’t do anything silly like race it, I suggested to Katrina that she might enjoy a different type of 10k to the road and we could run together. So we left Paisley just after 9am for the drive to Livingston and the race.
It was a really friendly well organised race which we both really enjoyed. There was a 2.5k fun run which we arrived in time to see. It was great seeing lots of children enjoying the run.
There was light rain but no wind and it wasn’t too cold. The rain eased off for most of the race so wasn’t a problem at all.
Katrina & me before the start
Katrina was a little apprehensive seeing all the club runners. There were about 150 in the race but I assured her we won’t be last!! But we started near the back and made sure we ran nice and steady.
The route is two loops, the first one was about 3k and the second one about 7k. Each loop starts with a climb up a hill past Dechmont Law Hill. Here is a map of the route. If you click on kilometres you will be able to make out the route. (Plus if you click on Terrain and hydrid – google you can the route on google earth.)
For the first loop we slowly passed a few runners until we found our place and pretty well kept there passing the odd runner or two.
Here is a picture of Katrina at the top of the hill for the second loop after about 3k ….
The second loop is alongside the M8 but in the trees and was a lovely surface to run on. Katrina really enjoyed running in the trees and was really pushing the pace on the downhill section. I had to work hard to keep up!
We crossed over the M8 and headed back to the start. The route undulated and we held our position. The girl in the previous photo was just ahead but we couldn’t quite catch her!
Here is a photo of Katrina at about 6.5k looking strong!

The route was very well marshalled and we had no problem at all following the route. But just one comment to the marshal at the 1.5k to go point …. he said to Katrina, ‘Just over the bridge and then it’s all downhill to the finish.’
The problem was it wasn’t ….. there was still one more climb before the last downhill run to the finish. Katrina took him at his word and was not happy that she had one more hill to run up!!
With about 500m to go we could hear a heavy breathing guy tryng to catch us so Katrina sprinted to to the finish in 54mins 00secs for the 9.36k run. Mags had told us it was a bit short of 10k but the hills made up for it!
Photo at the end ….
We received an excellent goodie bag with medal, shampoo, water, biscuits … very impressive for the £4 entry!
We had a chat with Mags, thanking her for organising such a great race, had a shower, watched the prize giving and then headed home. We stopped off at Decathalon to pick up some supplies for the whw race.
Congratulations to Caroline and her team who completed the 55mile Caledonian challenge in 22hrs 14mins. She said her feet are in agony!! Report to come on her blog I’m told.
I suppose I should mention the game last night! Hollie had organised a fund raising games night at church for her gap year so I wasn’t able to watch it live. (how’s that for commitment to your daughter!!). So at 9.30pm when I got home (having kept away from hearing the score) I watched it two hours later than everyone else.
After the first goal went in I was quite happy and hoped for a straightforward win but nothing is that easy with England. A howler of a mistake by Rob Green and we had to settle for a draw which is not a disaster but not the confidence booster I’d have liked.
The next game against Algeria is on Friday night at 7.30pm so I’ll be able to watch that one before heading off to Milngavie for the start of the whw race.
5.82miles in 54mins 00secs (8.22pace)
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2 Responses to Dechmont Law 10K Trail Race

  1. allybea says:

    Well done Katrina! I think she should start her own blog to record her running adventures. We need more girl bloggers! 🙂

    Ali x

  2. Johann says:

    That looks like such a lovely run. Perfect before your ultra. Well done Katrina! Why do marshals always say “all downhill from here…”? I think England will step up their game and win the next in this round comfortably. We'll be happy if SA win just one.

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