Final run before the whw race

It has become my tradition over the last four years to do my final run before an ultra race on Brodie Park. It’s not the most exciting run I do but it’s on grass so I’m less likely to suffer any last minute injury, has lots of hills which mean I don’t push too hard and it’s close by.

So I was up early and out by 6am this morning. It was a lovely sunny morning with lots of dew on the grass. I really enjoyed my easy run averaging 9min miles for the 5.5miles. Job done.
Inevitably I spent the whole run thinking about the race on Saturday. I feel as ready as I can be. It’s hard to know whether I’m in similar shape to last year and the year before but I certainly don’t feel any worse so I’ll definitely be aiming for another sub 20hrs finish. If it doesn’t happen it won’t be from lack of effort.
I’ve already mentioned my goals but here is the breakdown of what I’m aiming for along the way ….
If you are interested in my detailed mini-sections then you can download it from here.
I won’t be carrying the time splits this year but will take just the pace I’m aiming at. Last year I also had on the charts the previous year’s times which helped me as I was ahead of them for most of the day.
I’m not doing that this year as I am going for a different tactic. Last year I arrived at Auchtertyre (50miles) in 9hrs 48mins but this year even with my sub 19hrs 50mins plan I’m aiming to get there in 10hrs 09mins. I would love to see the difference being 20mins slower will make on the second half of the race.
I feel that if I can get to Auchtertyre as easily as possible then I’ll be able to work harder on the second half and not slow down as much. Well that’s the plan anyway. You know what they say, ‘Fail to plan – plan to fail.’ That can’t be levelled at me!!
The thing about races of this length though, is that you just never know how you’ll feel and what will happen. I like to have my plan but need to be flexible to readjust if things aren’t going well.
I’ve to buy a few bits and pieces food wise then I’ll post a picture of what I plan to eat as requested (by Johann anyway!).
I have 39 guesses for my ‘Guess My Time’ Competition. You have until Friday 12noon to send in your guess if you want to take part!
5.53miles in 46mins 49secs (9.01pace)
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5 Responses to Final run before the whw race

  1. kate says:

    just wanted to say how helpful your blog has been. not only is it a great source of info but it's been really helpful for motivation. thanks!

    as for you time. i recon you're on for another pb. my guess 19:48.

    see you on friday!

  2. Hey John,

    Woohoo. Not long now. See you at the start line in 3 days 15 hours. I am so looking forward to it… 🙂

    Take care and nothing daft over the next few days.


  3. Your blog is indeed very helpful! Thanks for my race splits 🙂 See you VERY soon.

  4. Johann says:

    Wow, it's nearly time! You are so well prepared and organised. You'll do great! Good luck with the final preparations. I'll certainly check out the food post.

  5. UltraStu says:

    Hi John

    Here is my pick for the 'guess the time' competition: 20:12:59. Having read your post, you appear to have the exact opposite strategy to mine with regards to pace judgement. But as we all know, there is not one correct strategy, everyone is different in terms of what works best.

    However, as I am a firm believer in my “run as fast as you can, while you can” approach, I think the 22 minutes in time that you lose in the first half of the race, will result in you running 22 minutes slower that 2009. Hence my time prediction. I hope you prove me wrong and regain those 22 minutes, plus more. We will have to wait and see.

    All the best with the race. I look forward to your race report.


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