Photos … whw race

We arrived home about 7pm and as Katrina needed to take Hollie to do a bit of shopping for her holiday tomorrow I thought I’d download my photos (and my support team) onto Flickr.

Me with my precious 4th goblet with support team Stevie & David

Sharon, me, Thomas, Marco and Debs
(guess who was the slowest this year!?!)
Here are my splits for the race.
I made a mistake with my garmin. I decided to use the virtual runner function but didn’t realise that you can’t do manual laps with that. I changed it round (on the run) to record 3mile splits but it meant I didn’t get accurate distances to each checkpoint. The above is based on previous years and training runs so are as accurate as they can be!

95.50miles in 22hrs 15mins 03secs (13.59pace)
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1 Response to Photos … whw race

  1. Johann says:

    Fantastic photos! I really enjoyed that. I have this list of “someday if possible, who knows, maybe, dream races” all over the world and I’ve added this one. Who knows…?

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