Training Plan for River Ayr Race

It was good to be back at the club for a Monday night. I’ve not been there since 10th May. I was quite keen to do a bit of speed work. Katrina and I are planning to do the parkrun at Pollok Park on Saturday so it was good to get the legs moving a bit faster!

There was a good group of us tonight with Gary & Christina leading the way and James running well with them. I was pleased with my effort! Here are the stats for the session …

So almost 5miles for the 30mins.

I have 11 weeks before my next ultra race, River Ayr Way Challenge (41miles). This will my fifth ultra race this year and fourth in the SUMS series.

I’ve not done this race before so I’m looking forward to running on a new route.

I’m going to do the best I can but I’ve also decided to do a couple of 10k races in the build up and so my training will reflect that. I’m going to do some speed work as well as a few long runs so it will be interesting if that helps or hinders my ultra training.

Click here to see my training plan for the next three months.

Here is a summary of what I plan to do ….

This week and next week I plan to run every other day including running with Kilbarchan Monday (Fartlek) and Wednesday (Tempo).

We are away for three weeks in Thailand (to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary) so I’m not sure how much running I’ll do but hopefully at least every other day including some fartlek sessions.

Once we are home I’ll have six weeks to really go for it which should be enough.

I’ve entered the Marymass 10k in Irvine on Wednesday 18th August and the Paisley 10k on Sunday 30th August.

I’ve run the Marymass for the last three years and enjoy the evening run and the course which is on cycle track and road. It is fairly flat with a few hills over the railway lines.

The Paisley 10k is partly organised by Kilbarchan and is a race I’ve not done before mainly because it’s on a Sunday and I was busy preaching at church. So with my change of job I’m free to run now and I’m looking forward to it.

Katrina is also going to run the two races but this time we’ll run our own races.

I have just one longer run planned – 25miles on Sunday 5th September. I’m hoping to do that on the RAW route if it works out. I gather there are a few places where the path is not so clear so it would be good to check that out.

Once this race is over I’ll be giving some thought to the last three months of the year. I would like to do some more cross country this year and maybe find a half marathon somewhere.

9.34miles in 1hrs 16mins 03secs
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2 Responses to Training Plan for River Ayr Race

  1. Take care with route finding on RAW John. There are bits that can trip you up and get you lost. I know to my cost!

  2. Johann says:

    Wow, that’s some good speed work between the ultras. Running a race for the first time is always great. Good luck with your preparation for the River Ayr Way Challenge. Hope you have a fantastic time in Thailand! 25 years deserve something like that.

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