Proud parents …

As I’m running the 5k parkrun tomorrow I decided just to do 4miles at lunchtime today. It was raining which was the first time I’ve run in the rain for ages.

I ran two easy miles out along the cycle track and then pushed hard for one mile (6.29pace) before an easy mile back up the hill. After I’ve not run for a couple of weeks it always takes mew a week or so to feel I’m running easily.
I’m quite looking forward to our 5k race tomorrow morning. It will be interesting to see how I get on.

Yesterday we really enjoyed Jo’s graduation from Glasgow Caledonian University. The ceremony lasted about 90mins and most of that time I spent clapping each student as they received their degree.

It was a proud moment as Jo stepped up and was ‘capped’ which was the Principal waving her hat over Jo’s head!

Here is a photo of Jo’s proud parents!!

More photos on flickr if you’re interested!

Fri 9th July Run details
4.06miles in 31mins 38secs (7.48pace)

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4 Responses to Proud parents …

  1. Hey JK,

    I saw the size of the hall in your facebook picture. Wow, that must have been endurance clapping.

    Well done, Jo.

    And good luck for the 5K tomorrow. I might try and fit it in over the next couple of weeks.

  2. Johann says:

    Congratulations to Jo! Really something to be proud of. Enjoy the 5k!

  3. Caroline says:

    Congratulations to Jo. You all look very smart!

    Enjoy Thailand.


  4. kate says:

    well done jo! ….that's clever move john, getting your support crew to a professional level 😉

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