Fartlek & Food

It was a good session tonight and I pushed as hard as I could! There was a good group leading the way of John McM, young Calum, James and Scott.
I was having a good run with John and Gordon which really helped me keep the pace up. I’m getting nearer to the magic 5miles!

I was asked by David E to record what I ate for the week so here it is (if you click on the picture you should be able to read it easier) ….

I found it quite an interesting exercise. I took my weight at the same time each morning after breakfast as I got dressed.
I would say it was a fairly typical week except for going out on the Thursday for Jo’s graduation. I recorded everything I ate and drank. I reckon I could do with drinking more water.
Any dietitians out there who fancy making any suggestions???
10.06miles in 1hr 20mins 46secs
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7 Responses to Fartlek & Food

  1. Peter Duggan says:

    You have scales that can measure to 1/8oz? Or you meant pounds?

  2. Well spotted Peter. I meant stones and pounds!

  3. I'm very impressed with the green tea consumption. I've tried so many variations of it, but it's just plain horrible.

    Since the race I've upped my protein and cut back on carbs. Really helping with my muscle recovery.

  4. Peter Duggan says:

    To add something a little more helpful to my comment about pounds and ounces, I've recently bought (but not yet read) a well-reviewed new book called 'Racing Weight' by Matt Fitzgerald which you might like to check out. Think I'm likely (as usual with training books) to read it and react selectively rather than try to 'do it all', but it looks like it does a really good job of explaining the principles we all need to understand.

    Have also been logging my weight daily (my second last resort for hitting race shape before my avoid-if-humanly-possible final strategy of weighing everything I consume and counting the calories) for all bar five isolated days since the start of April, and *might* yet blog the graphs (quite up and down on a daily basis compared to yours) for that when I've got four full months to discuss.

  5. David Egan says:

    Thanks for the food update. Definitely food for thought. It looks like you get a good variety of things which all look tasty. You would cringe at my eating and to sum it up I tend to eat about a kilo of small potatoes a day and lots of cheese (maybe half a quiche for lunch instead of potatoes if I am being adventurous) and lots of cornflakes (plain, no sugar) in the morning and at night. Dull. I do tend to eat 6-8 small snack size meals a day to keep from getting hungry and to keep my metabolism up. I also have protein drinks as my wife is a vegetarian and I tend not to eat meat anymore (plus it’s cheaper). I think I will take the approach of planning meals from now on so I have a weekly schedule. It all sounds extreme but I think diet it is a big negative factor in my endurance performance. I have started taking iron supplements to encourage red blood cell production but will have to wait months to see any effects (if any). All I need now is to be able to run more than 2 miles without severe pain in the outside of my knee and I will be set for the Lakeland50.

  6. Johann says:

    Very interesting. I'm surprised by how well you recover after your long runs.

  7. I blogged about “Racing Weight” a while back. Good read. It's easy to become fanatical, but remember we run for fun. And to eat cake 🙂

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